Seven Clans Casino Water Park – Downtown Seattle

If you’re in a mood to go on a day trip, then visit Seven Clans Casino Water Park. This is one of the largest casinos in the state of Washington and it’s just minutes from downtown Seattle. Come early enough and you can play the blackjack, roulette, and craps table for a small amount of cash.

thief river falls seven clans casino water park

The name Seven Clans was given to the state because it consists of seven towns and villages; this made it a very rich land. The casino is named after a local principal, who also served as the town president for the area.

This casino is about five miles from the town of Thief River Falls, which you can reach by traveling about thirty minutes west of Seattle. You’ll be driving down a gravel road on your way to your destination and stop at all the attractions along the way. Here you’ll find the Alaska Air show and the Killer Whale Center. You can also eat at the Restaurant World which has been featured on numerous television shows.

Thieves are also home to a full-size indoor ice rink with eight teams that provide entertainment for all ages. You can also enjoy the aquatic life of the area including the three-foot long Snakespine. You can also kayak and fish, too.

The Seven Clans Casino Water Park is an enjoyable place to visit while taking a break from your day at the seven days of gambling at the Seven Clans Casino in Seattle. If you want to spend a little more time there, you can hop onto the cable car to get up close and personal with the wildlife of the area.

The water park is open year round and features a host of water rides. You can enjoy a lazy river or a slide while watching the wildlife at close range.

All of the rides are geared toward the young children and are the perfect place to take a picnic. If you’re not feeling up to the water rides and there is nothing else you want to do, check out the interactive children’s village where you can meet a number of characters.

You’ll also want to visit the Seven Clans Casino Water Park if you ever decide to move back to the area. The bus will take you right to the entrance to the building and you can walk straight inside to pay your fare and enter. You can find out more information about the Seven Clans Casino Water Park by visiting their website.